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Overview of LCH in Children - Dr. Maarten Egeler MD, PhD

Our Thanks to the Histiocytosis Association for the use of their 2013 Histiocytosis Educational Video Series 1-15

1) Overview of LCH – Dr. Maarten Egeler MD, PhD
2) LCH Degrees of Risk – Dr. Kimo Stine MD
3) CNS Involvement – Dr. Kenneth McClain MD, PhD
4) Late Effects of LCH – Dr. K Scott Baker MD
5) Overview of LCH – Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo MD
6) Overview of LCH Adults – Dr. Michael Girschikofsky MD
7) Overview of Pulmonary LCH – Dr. Robert Vassallo MD
8) Overview of HLH – Dr. Michael Jordan MD
9) Overview of LCH – Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo MD en Espanol
10) Overview of Rosai Dorfman – Dr. Oussama Abla MD
11) Overview of Juvenile Xanthogranuloma – Dr. Oussama Abla MD
12) Overview of Erdheim-Chester Disease – Dr. Robert J Arceci
13) Overview of Diabetes Insipidus – Dr. James Whitlock MD
14) Importance of Clinical Trials – Dr. Thomas Gross MD PhD
15) Scientific Research Review Process – Dr. Carl Allen MD PhD


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