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How satisfied were you with the following aspects? Please rate your satisfaction as follows:

Pre-Course 1 = Not Satisfied 2 = Quite Satisfied 3 = Satisfied 4 = Very Satisfied

1. That the information advertising the course/opportunity was appropriate. 1234

2. The presentation methods were easily understood. 1234

3. The pace was appropriate. 1234

4. The content was relevant to your needs 1234

5. All topics were covered in sufficient detail 1234

6. Were the speakers/facilitators knowledgeable?

7. Was there any evidence of bias or conflict of interest evident during the event ?

8. The learning has developed my knowledge of histiocytosis 1234

9. The learning will change my clinical practice 1234

10. The learning will change service delivery in the NHS if applicable. 1234

11. The learning will better equip me to perform my job. 1234


1. Please detail the most useful aspects of the forum

2. Will you do anything differently in your role as a result of today?

3. What impact do you predict this will have on your service?

4. Is there further training in Histiocytosis that you would identify for yourself arising from this training?

5. Any other comments


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